Beyond resumes and job descriptions,
we connect people on a more human level.

Traditional hiring practices can cost companies a great deal of time and money, often leaving both candidate and company disappointed and disillusioned. StaffGeek is about to change all that.

Our proprietary assessment tool, FitTech™, fuses technology and transparency to create a statistically favorable match, removing the guessing and finger-crossing associated with staffing and hiring.

Staffing is no longer about matching job descriptions to resumes. Its about humans hiring humans and candidates connecting with cultures.

Two reasons to work with StaffGeek:

1. We offer a subscription-based model that allows for greater efficiency in the hiring practice.

A monthly subscription fee eliminates costly fees associated with individual candidates and allows companies to create an unlimited pipeline of highly qualified and vetted candidates available any time a need may arise.

2. Our data-driven methodology of cross-matching candidates and companies based on their distinct native attributes is a first in the industry.

Think of StaffGeek as doing for professional staffing what online dating has done for personal relationships.

We make matches happen. Here's how:


Identify the Company DNA through our survey and in-depth immersion sessions. DNA are the Distinct Native Attributes that make companies and candidates click. We measure everything from social culture to office flow.

We also generate the Model Match, which is the ideal candidate prototype for a position.


Identify the Candidate DNA by taking our questionnaire. We want to learn about your goals, your personality, preferences, and your unique work habits.


By cross-referencing the company and candidate DNA profiles, we identify the Match Quotient. It’s the Eureka moment that indicates the optimum match for success.


You’ve achieved Match Geekery!

Through our human-centric analysis of candidates and companies, we can create the perfect match. It’s about matching individual personalities and corporate cultures in a way that yields the perfect fit and the greatest probability of success.

Adding people through StaffGeek adds value to your company. 10x value!

Our customers cut their hiring costs by an average of 90% in partnering with StaffGeek. In the battle for attracting and retaining top talent, StaffGeek is your competitive advantage.

Our expertise is your advantage.

We have over 30 years of industry experience. We recognize the changes in the workplace and have developed a hiring solution that fills the needs of today’s modern companies.

We love this business and helping our clients be more successful at theirs